Bob Reina: Talk Fusion CEO on Dreams

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion shared his insight on dreams. On an article in Medium, he imparted his thoughts on people putting aside their dreams in exchange for a more realistic life.


He mentioned that this leads to dissatisfaction and disillusionment because people tend to settle on things that they don’t like instead of the dreams that they want to achieve. The vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again, through a pattern of negative thinking that doesn’t change the status of a person’s like.


Bob Reina believes that there are 3 ways to help in creating the life that people want:



  1. Being committed to change

He believes that if people want to change their situation, they should also change what they’re doing. Same processes lead to the same results, according to his equation in life.


  1. Do not waste time in doubt and fear

He believes that all people will experience failure at some point or another. His advice to people wanting to succeed is not to waste time dwelling on that fear, but rather finding a way to get back up and learn from it.


  1. Keep on believing and fighting

Belief is the wheel that causes a person to be motivated. If there is not belief in oneself, the person will just end up lacking the confidence to move forward.



About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the current CEO of Talk Fusion, a company that helps major networking companies make connections with people through their platform. Through his leadership, the Talk Fusion became one of the most prominent communication platforms that network marketers use, according to reputable Alexa rankings.


Bob Reina is a graduate of the prestigious University of South Florida, and one of his previous line of work is through human services in the police force. He entered Tampa Police Academy after college where he served in the line of duty for many years before moving on to the corporate scene. Bob Reina’s agile people skills and dedication towards business and work ethics made him the perfect fit as a CEO of a major communications company. Learn more: