Chris Burch Talks About Future Tech Fashion Trends

Back in September of this year, Chris Burch wrote a piece that was published on Engadget. The article was about fashion trends for the future, but tech fashion. He first talked about fashion trends of the past and then gave examples of tech fashion that is being used today or in the future.

Burch talked about how there are different ways advances in fashion can protect people. He pointed out that there was a system created, and it involved cyclists wearing protection around their neck. The system is an Airbag for Cyclists, and it pops out of the neck-wear to protect the cyclist’s head from impact.

Another future fashion trend he discussed was Frontline Gloves for firefighters. The gloves, created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, allow firefighters to use simple hand gestures to let others known when everything is ok or when they have to evacuate a building or leave the scene.

SegraSegra was also discussed by Burch. He wrote about how SegraSegra uses inner tubes of bicycles that were recycled to create clothing items such as t-shirts and jackets.

About Chris Burch
Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He believes in using creativity, as well as applying imagination, support and scale, which leads to businesses and brands that can have a positive impact on consumers’ lives.

He has extensive experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor. In fact, he has almost 40 years of experience and he has played a role in helping over 50 companies become successful. When it comes to connecting innovation to impact, Burch has an impressive and long track record.

Burch also was an undergrad at Itchica College and eventually he and his brother launched a company called Eagle Eye apparel.

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