Dr. Saad Saad: The Mother Of Inventions Wins Again

Healthcare innovations are the reason that patients can receive the treatment that they need and deserve. 100 years from now the health innovations will be even more advanced than what we see today. The reason that the health industry continues to evolve is that of people like Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad is a successfully retired pediatric surgeon who resides in the Eatontown, New Jersey area. He has created and patented two inventions that have enhanced the surgical experience for patients and surgeons. Each device is terrific in its own way. However, both devices make the procedures safer and a lot more practical for surgeons because they lower the risk of complication and time that it takes to operate.


Dr. Saad Saad has over 40 years of experience in the pediatric surgery. He is board certified in the United States. Dr. Saad completed his medical schooling at the Cairo University Medical School in 1971. After a five year tenure with the Saudi Arabia Royal Family, Dr. Saad returned to the states to begin work on creating the next best health innovation.


The first device that Dr. Saad patented was the catheter that has electromagnetic location capability. The tip of the invention has wires embedded in the walls. The wires send a signal to an external device that lights up with it is directly aligned to the catheter. The device increases the safety for patients as it diminishes the need to use x-rays to locate it. One x-ray may not seem too alarming. However, multiple x-rays carry the high risk of exposing the patients to unsafe levels of radiation. There is no doubt that the device is going to make a positive difference. It is not yet widely used. As of now, a medical supply company is very interested in the product.


The next innovation created by Dr. Saad is the endoscope with anti-fog, suction, and irrigation attachment. The endoscope is a game changer for many reasons. One, it has been used by Dr. Saad in more than 2000 endoscopies with success. Two, since he has retired, the device is still being used by other doctors. Three, with more time the invention will be available to many practices as it is very cheap to put together. The endoscope treads over the traditional device because it reduces the time it takes to perform an endoscopy. Surgeons would have to remove the device to clean it when the lens became foggy. Dr. Saad’s model eliminates the need for this as it can be cleaned by using the irrigation mechanism to spray clear fluid on the lens. The suction attachment then removes the liquid to give the surgeon an unobstructed view. The device lowers the risk of complication while reducing the time it takes to operate. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/