Futurist Jason Hope Sees The Internet Of Things As The Way Forward

Jason Hope has had a sinuous and extremely interesting career. After graduating from Arizona State University, he founded his first tech company, premium internet content provider Jawa. In the late ’90s, before most people even owned cell phones, Mr. Hope was already pioneering a field that would later become the standby gold mine for such companies as Apple and T-Mobile.

This was almost a full decade before the advent of the Apple Store. Such visionary acumen is why Mr. Hope continues to be a voice worth listening to on all things technology.

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The Internet Of Things Will Change Our Lives

When Mr. Jason Hope speaks, the internet listens. After making a career out of being the first out of the gate on everything from cellular content to the business to business SAS model, Mr. Hope has shown an uncanny ability to see the trends taking shape before anyone else even knows what they’re looking at.

Now, Mr. Hope is touting the Internet of Things, the next frontier in networking technology. In its essence, the Internet of Things is the connecting of all devices, including those not traditionally controlled by computer systems, into a vast network of objects and people.  With things like self-driving delivery trucks, not only will the job of drivers be obviated, but just-in-time delivery will reach its apotheosis, allowing precision inventory management on a level never before possible.

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  1. This will allow for unprecedented efficiency and ease of living. Jawa was dedicated to allowing users to download their favorite ringtones, songs and even early versions of mobile video. There are evidently things that paperial reviews has given out to ensure that it cuts across all fields which is very important too.

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