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About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein boasts of a rich academic background. He graduated with a magna cum laude BA from the Cornell University as well as a Master’s from the University of Chicago. He attained his Juris Doctor from the public School of Law at New York University.

Jeremy is at present a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Also, he has worked in a myriad of law firms in his career.

Finding Legal Counsel Abridged

A recently launched website aims to ease the process of acquiring lawyers. The service will be available throughout, day and night.

Voicing her opinion on the subject, the chair of the association said that the invention was a signal of her firm’s commitment to offering solutions to client problems. Claire Gutekunst further reiterated that not only does the site provide dependable lawyers, but it also guarantees client’s privacy and confidentiality.

The portal was established in partnership with, a prominent referral and marketplace service provider to clientele who are primarily from the law industry. Tony Lai, an executive at, outlined that the site’s objective is to provide customers with the crème de la crème of attorneys. Also, he stated that by having an extensive database of legal practitioners, the portal could serve multiple clients simultaneously.

Developers of the site had one goal, to offer the best possible experience to visitors. After signing up, clients fill a questionnaire, which evaluates the nature of the case a customer needs to be addressed. A thorough analysis of the response is done, after which an appropriate counsel is drafted to the prospective client. The client is then advised on when to meet the lawyer, from where they can agree on working terms and fees.

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