Looking For An Event Planner? Look No Further Than Twenty Three Layers


Hiring an event planner can be intimidating and can seem overwhelming. Taking the right steps when doing this task can make it a much easier task.



The first step in hiring an event planner is to decide why you want to hold the event in the first place. You will want to determine what the goals are of the event you are planning and answer certain questions for yourself; the who, what, where, when, and why of the event. After determining the event’s objective, you will need to decide exactly what you want from your event planner. Determine what activities and services do you need the planner to handle?



After those steps have been taken and you have an idea of what you want from your event, you’ll be able to gather a general idea of how much those elements of the event will cost. This will give you an estimated budget. Remember to always estimate the cost above what you think it will cost, not below. When you have an idea of what the event’s budget will be, you’ll need to begin researching event planners.



Try researching event planners that are experiences and have a good, strong reputation within their industry. Peer reputation will give you an idea of an event planner’s work. Also, be sure to research planners who specialize in the particular type of event you are trying to plan. Call local businesses and hotels to see who they trust with their events.



After making a list of potential planners, you should interview with at least three of them. Provide them only with small details about the event and see where their ideas go. You’ll want to choose one that follows your ideas of what you’d like for your event. Ask them questions about their experience, how they do their job, and what they expect from you. You should always be on the same page. Check references and be sure to have them present you with their total budget. Remember, everything is always negotiable.



If you’re looking for event planning companies in NYC, look no further than Twenty Three Layers. As home to some of the best event planners in NYC, the company is full of creative and energetic planners. They hold relationships with some of the world’s most exclusive establishments. Planning your event with Twenty Three Layers is worry-free and fun.

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