Lori Senecal’s Industrious Global Marketing Career

CP+B named Lori Senecal as the firm’s Global CEO in 2015. Her new role is to oversee CP+B’s universal expansion and growth as well as coordinate the company’s eight global offices and development. Lori is an industry leader and a pioneer in embracing technology on a global level. Her appointment seeks to continue fueling CP+B‘s long-term international growth. http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/11/04/wk-s-colleen-decourcy-cpb-s-lori-senecal-and-morgan-stanley-s-carla-harris-discuss

Over the course of her career, Senecal has formed strategic partnerships, spun global agency growth, led blue chip companies, created new business divisions and led global investment accounts including Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle. As the current CEO of MDC Partners network, she has worked with renowned executives that produced high growth within the MDC Partners network.

Lori also worked with KBS+, transforming the agency from a 250-personnel agency to an international firm with over 900 global personnel.

Lori Senecal Advises Women on her Laura Dunn Interview

Lori’s life experiences attribute to her childhood upbringing. As the youngest girl of four children, she needed to prove to her siblings that she was also talented; thus, she worked hard to carve out her identity, accomplishments, become bold, and dream big.

According to Forbes Magazine, throughout her career, she has believed in the power of culture to impel positive change. Whether working at KBS or MDC, Lori’s focus is on building a culture that motivates people to be part of an innovative, decisive mission.

Lori joined KBS at a time when the founders were leaving the firm. Her primary task was to convince clients to stay and trust her leadership mission.

Her advice to women with careers in marketing is that they should have empathy and respect for the end consumer; they should also trust and act on their powerful instincts and believe in big ideas to help their brands stand out.

The most important career lesson learned to date? Lori advises women not to wait for leadership opportunities; they must create their paths. Lori maintains a healthy work-life balance by strictly eating healthy and exercising regularly – preferably in the morning.

The biggest issue for women in the workplace is that they feel shy to proactively forward their candidacy for potential opportunities – they would rather be officially asked. Others feel less inclined to accept opportunities that they haven’t fully mastered the skills required. Lori advises such individuals to overcome their fear and reservations.

Lori has certainly had excellent mentors, but she feels it’s time to serve others and be the mentor. Lori greatly admires Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. She wasn’t afraid to be judged. Liz simply got the job done in an ego-dominated entertainment world.


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