Norman Pattiz Unveils Details Regarding the Release of Beyond the Darkness

Norman Pattiz, the executive chairperson and founder of PodcastOne, revealed the exploration of paranormal activities in a new podcast called Beyond the Darkness. According to Norman, the show will air on Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which operates under the PodcastOne umbrella. Debut episodes of the new show will be available to the public each Monday via various platforms including iTunes, and PodcastOne app.


What the Show will Feature


Beyond the Darkness is a show that will feature not only entertaining but also enlightening talks with reputable experiencers and researchers in paranormal activity. The debates are anticipated to challenge the listeners’ knowledge on demons, aliens , angels ghosts monster encounters, miracles, mysteries and ghouls.


Hosts for the Show


Renowned individuals in the industry will host the new podcast.  For this reason, they are expected to lure many fans who believe and trust not only in them but also in their subject matter.


Chris Jericho’s podcast network was picked as an ideal platform for the Beyond the Darkness show since Chris Jericho has established himself as a key figure of PodcastOne network. The Jericho Network Collection has evolved from just wrestling to other aspects such as comedy and currently it is venturing into paranormal activities.


Norman Pattiz


In fact, under his leadership, Westwood One became the largest radio network as well as a provider of entertainment, news, sports programming to the broadcast industry in America. Westwood One not only owned but also operated and distributed CNN RADIO, CBS News, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, March Madness and many others. Additionally, he is acknowledged for creating Courtside Entertainment Group and introducing PodcastOne as well as PodcastOne Sales.


In 2000, Pattiz was privileged to get an appointment from Bill Clinton. Later in 2002, George Bush appointed him to serve as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. The Broadcasting Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the US such as Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting Radio Liberty among others. In other roles, he serves as the chairperson of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is also a member of various bodies including the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations.

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  1. They include radio host Dave Schrader as well as host and producer Tim Dennis. Both individuals are well- known in paranormal broadcasting. Norman Pattiz is popularly known as the brains behind the creation of Westwood One. The only thing is that can make sure everything is working well in advance and make it simple too.

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