The Investing Powerhouse: Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most decorated financial investors to date. The Brazilian native has not only thrived in the largest economy in South America but he is also a consultant when it comes to investing and expertly shows people how to maximize on their profits. An avid golfer he is now semi-retired while living in both Florida and Brazil. Igor [...]

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Dick DeVos Charitable and Political

Dick and Betsy DeVos are well-known for their political contributions. What is generally new to the public, however, is knowledge of their more charitable checks. Using their [...]

Understanding How Vijay Eswaran Has Gradually Become One Of The Most Successful Personalities In Asia

Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian businessman, is the man behind the creation and founding of QI Group. He currently serves as the CEO and Executive Chairman of direct sales. Ever [...]

Wild Ark

If you are looking for an informational and hands on wildlife travel destination Wild Ark is the place for you. This eco-friendly conservation center is one of the best in the [...]

Tony Petrello, CEO And Philanthropist

Tony Petrello is the CEO, President, and chairman of the board of Nabors Industries, one of the leading oil companies the world over. He comes from a legal background and [...]

Who Exactly Is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is a makeup extraordinaire who has been changing the industry since she launched the brand Lime Crime back in 2008. She did an interview with Idea Mensch, and she [...]

A Review Of Helane Morrison’s Illustrative Career

Helane is the chief compliance officer, general counsel and managing director of Hall Capital Partners. I believe that women manage the affairs of the California-based [...]

Omar Boraie has Earned the Respect of His Community by Realizing his Dreams for New Brunswick

With the world economy growing at a fast rate, the need for luxury apartments and houses has been increasing too. There are many luxurious properties in the United States [...]

Financial Planning in San Diego

San Diego is a growing city with a lot of positive things going on in it. Over time, Brian Bonar has built a great company in this area helping people with their finances. If [...]

Jeremy Goldstein; An Excellent Legal Counsel

About Jeremy Goldstein   Jeremy Goldstein boasts of a rich academic background. He graduated with a magna cum laude BA from the Cornell University as well as a [...]

Futurist Jason Hope Sees The Internet Of Things As The Way Forward

Jason Hope has had a sinuous and extremely interesting career. After graduating from Arizona State University, he founded his first tech company, premium internet content [...]