Ronald Fowlkes, an Enthusiastic Businessman Who is Passionate about Hockey

Ronald Fowlkes is a co-owner and business development director at FirstSpear. Prior to this position, he worked for the Police Department, ITW and Eagle Industries after graduating as a member of the Army. He has held positions such as being a team leader and member of the Marine. Ronald Fowlkes has a special interest in the development and designing of the gear that the officers wear.



Using his experience, Ronald is able to spearhead the business in the right direction. He regularly suggests and implements new ideas that assist this company to stand out in the industry they serve. While he was still a SWAT and the Marine, he saw the FirstSpear equipment and it fascinated him. He made it a goal to chase after the company and find out more and this is how he ended up working there. Due to the fact that this company produces good quality and unique gears, the products speak for themselves in the market. Nevertheless, the company is still engaged in activities that market their product like showcasing it in their showroom, attending trade events as well as keeping their already existing clients happy.



Ronald Fowlkes is confident that a good product goes a long way in building a company’s reputation and growing the revenue in return. Ronald prefers leading by example as he sees this as a way of motivating his team members to work hard in whatever they do. He is in charge of making sure that the company is growing its sales and coordinating with other teams to ensure that the quality is on top of its game in the industry. Ronald explains that the company views itself as a high-end car, Ferrari, in the tactical industry. This shows confidence in FirstSpear’s products.



He makes sure that he has a work-life balance. As much as he works hard at work, he also ensures he spares time to attend to his personal life. He has learned to listen to the customers and find out what their needs are so that he can come up with an excellent product for them. This is why FirstSpear is successful among their competitors. Ronald enjoys listening from others and learning from them. He is also a team player and this has helped him trust his team once he delegates a task.



Ronald enjoys using his spare time playing sports, particularly hockey. He coaches a youth team as well as writes articles about the sport as well. He recently wrote a piece on how Jeff Glass started out in hockey and how his journey has been. Jeff’s persistence and motivation towards his dream should be used as a motivation for anyone starting out whether in business, school or life.