The Investing Powerhouse: Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most decorated financial investors to date. The Brazilian native has not only thrived in the largest economy in South America but he is also a consultant when it comes to investing and expertly shows people how to maximize on their profits. An avid golfer he is now semi-retired while living in both Florida and Brazil.

Igor made his bones working as a banker in various executive positions before becoming a proprietor for Bainbridge Investments. With such a great platform he uses Bainbridge Investments as his vessel to navigate successfully through investing in the stock market.

A topic that Igor has spoken about in the past is the importance of investing in damaged stocks. Damaged stocks are inexpensive, become more stable over time and are known for having substantial returns.

Igor Cornelsen has such sound financial advice is of would expect from a top tier expert. As an investor, you must have a broad scope on what’s happening and more importantly what’s to come. Igor makes sure that people know that investing is for longevity and not a get rich quick scheme. His main pieces of advice are as follows:

Don’t wait to invest, start now! When you are able to start, do it ASAP for a maximum return.

Branch out with various investments, don’t be one track minded.

Have someone like an advisor or a mentor until you feel you have an understanding of investing on your own.

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  1. Limit the hazard for losing cash. Albeit each speculator has that hazard, saying that ought to be insignificant is putting it mildly. It is a nice way in which might have gotten sufficient way to do all of these things.

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