Who is the Founder of Solvy?

Alexei Beltyukov, founder and chairman of NGT Synthesis, has developed a combination of associated companies. He hails from Russia and has a vast resume. Alexei is currently on the advisory board as an observer at Foro Energy and is a member of the Coordinated Council for the Moscow Exchange.

The founding of NGT Synthesis is probably his most notable contribution. NGT Synthesis focuses on reducing the cost of modifying methanol and low-octane hydrocarbons into high-octane hydrocarbons known as Methaforming.

The benefits of this process include the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions produced by the average plant and the escalation of alcohol that’s transformed into gasoline. In comparison to reforming, methaforming decreases sulfur content by 90%. It’s a cost-effective way to diminish performing costs.

According to All Business, Steve Harris Media has featured Alexei Beltyukov for his creation of SOLVY. SOLVY is a type of software program that assists students in mathematics that will help them achieve a better understanding of the subject.

Highlighted on a plethora of education websites, the software is offered free to help teachers focus on the individual needs of students through specialized instructions. It has been accredited to improving mathematics in educational systems around the country. He worked as Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY from 2013 to 2015.

Steve Harris Media has also applauded Alexei’s contribution to society. Alexei has obtained a medical degree and an MBA. He utilizes Facebook to share his knowledge and outlook to his friends by providing direct links to advantageous information.

His cleverness and ingenuity allow him to take on age-old problems to find solutions. Alexei’s business life and accomplishments have been highlighted on PRNewswire. In 2013, Alexei created Endemic Capital to offer needed funding to Russian establishments looking to develop successful and profitable companies.

Those who wish to initiate the process of starting a business can benefit from the numerous systems that Alexei has developed to assist his fellow countrymen.

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