Wild Ark

If you are looking for an informational and hands on wildlife travel destination Wild Ark is the place for you. This eco-friendly conservation center is one of the best in the world. Formed by a group of devout conservationist the centers number one goal is to educate people about the wild and protect it so that future generations will have a chance to experience it. Wild Ark’s staff believes that if people were more informed about nature that they would then be more likely to be inspired to help protect the wilderness.


Few places can rival a Wild Ark travel experience. It’s something you have to be apart of to truly understand how at nature one feels during the experience. The staff makes sure there’s no dull moment while on a trip.


The Danum Valley


The Danum Valley in Borneo is a one of kind place. The tropical rainforest canopy can block out the sun due to fact that the valley is home to some of the tallest trees found anywhere. The wildlife is also a sight to behold. The area is home to many orangutans and gibbons. Gliding snakes seems like they manipulated the wind underneath as they fly from tree to tree.


Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park in America is another great wildlife travel destination. The area is most known for its many geysers spouting streams of water high into the air. The park is also teeming with majestic big game like grizzly bears, bison and moose. As well as wolf packs. Visitors can also choose to go rafting and get a different view of the park from the river.


Though much of the world’s wildlife has been destroyed there are still places out there that offer that trip back to nature.


For more information about Wild Ark visit it’s great website.


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